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About Funeral Costs

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Funeral Costs

If you arrange the funeral, you are responsible for paying the bill.  We do have to pay for some third party services at the time of booking.  As we are a small company we do have to request a deposit to cover these third party costs at the time of booking and arranging the funeral. Funeral costs may be paid for in different ways:

  • From the estate of the deceased.
  • A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan paid for/by the deceased.
  • Money from a life-insurance policy or pension.
  • The bank or building society of the deceased may agree to release funds to pay for the funeral costs.
  • You or the executor may need to pay and then recover the money from the estate later.

Financial Help

Depending on your age at the time when you are widowed, or your civil partner dies, you may be able to get one or more of the following benefits:

  • Bereavement Payment – A one-off tax-free payment.
  • Bereavement Allowance – A weekly benefit which can be paid for up to 52 weeks.
  • Widowed Parent’s Allowance – A weekly benefit if you are a widow or widower; or your civil partner has died and you have a child or a qualifying young person (this means a young person aged between 16 and 20).
  • Social Fund – If you do not have funds, help may be available from the Department of Work and Pensions.

You can only get these benefits if your deceased husband, wife, or civil partner paid National Insurance contributions.

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